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Who belongs to NAF Community

NAF is a non profit making organization and it's members are determined to work for the betterments of community. This website is under construction and is not yet fully functional. Your opinion in building this website will be greatly helpful. Please suggest us what would you like to see on this website.

Are you still wondering who belongs to this community ? the following huge list includes the castes and sub castes classified state wise and there could be still more which are not accounted.

If you belong to this community you would be aware inspite of being millions in numbers the economic state and educational status of majority of this community is not only backward but lying much much much below the poverty line. This organization is set of people who are willing to work unitedly for up-lifting and improving the life style of this community.


Angikula kshatriya, Bestha, besthar, Gangaputra, Gangavar, Goondla, Jalari, Koracha, Nayyala, Pattapa, Pali, Vadavalija, Vaddi, Jalkshatriya, Vanyekula Kshatriya(Yannekapu,Vanne Reddi,Palli Kapau,Palli Reddi )

Bhoi, Mallah, Jhalo Malo,Jhalo, Malo, Malakar,Namsudra, Kaibarta, Patni, Kotal

Bind,Dhimar Dheemar Dhivar Dhewar, Godia, Gond, Gariya, Guria, Raj Gond, Kewat Keot, Kharwar Khairwar Kherwar, Khagi, Kaibarta, Kahar, Manhji, ManjhiMajhwar, Nishad, Tiyar, Tyar, Tiar, Mallah

Dhimar, Dheemar,Dhinwar, Dhewar, Kewat, Keot, Nishad, Godia, Gond Gariya, Guriya, Raj Gond, Kahar, Jhimar, Jhinwar, Jhiwar,Jhir,Jheer, Mallah, Turah, Turaha,Tureha,Turaiha



Bhoi, Dhinwar BhoiGadhar Bhoi KhadiBhoi,Khase Bhoi, Zinga Bhoi Pardeshi Bhoi, Raj Bhoi, Dhiwar, DheemarDhimar, Dhivar,Dhevra,Gond, Raj Gond,Koli, Mahadev Koli, Malhar Koli, Donger Koli, Kolcha, Kolga, Tokre Koli, Kirat,Keer, Kewat, Kevat, Kahar, Dhuria Kahar Gondia Kahar,Khairwar, Mallah, Malhar,Machhendra, Machhawa, Nishad, Tindel, Palewar

Dhimar, Jhimar, KaharDheemar Jhinwar, MallahDhivar Jhiwar, JhirDhewar Jheer

Dhimar, Jhimar, KaharDheemar Jhinwar, MallahDhivar Jhiwar, JhirDhewar Jheer

Dhimar, Jhimar, KaharDheemar Jhinwar, MallahDhivar Jhiwar, JhirDhewar Jheer

Dhevara (Arya, Vala, Mukkuva, Mukaya, Bhoi,Mulaya, AravathiMale Araya), Meenugara Manigara, Mogera

Ambiga, Mukkuvena,Bestha, Besthar Mukkuvare,Bunde Besthar Mukayar, Bharika, Barikar, Marakula, Bhoyi,bhovi,Bovi, Mogera, Bheesmakula, Melanta, Gangaputra, Meddera, Gangakula, Machida,, Gange Makkalu Machimar, Gaurimatha Machala, Gangarassur Machava, Goni Kara, Gond, Raj Gond, Mudiraja, Gangamathu, Nayka, Harikanthra Naykara, Jalagera Nayaka, Kabber, Kabbera, Neeraganti, Korach, Nalekera, Koli, Parivara,Parevar, Kahr, Sunagara, Kabbaliga, Sephaliga, Kharvi, Soothkula, Meenugara, Manigara, Thoreya, Mogaveera, Vanyekula Kshatriya
(vannekapu, Vannereddi,Palli Reddi ), Siviyar, Siviar

Dhimar, Dheemar, Dhivar, Dhewar, Dewar,Bhoi (Jhinga),Godia, Gond,Gariya, Guria, Raj Gond,Kewat, Kevat, Kharwar, Khairwar Kherwar,Keer,Kahar, Mallah, Manhji, Majhi, Majhwar, Nishad, Raikwar, Turha, Turah, Turaha, Tureha,Turaiha, Tiyar, Tyar, Tiar

Bhoi, Dhinwar Bhoi Gadhar Bhoi KhadiBhoi, Khase Bhoi, Zinga Bhoi, Pardeshi Bhoi, Raj Bhoi., Dhiwar, Dheemar,Dhimar, Dhivar, Daivar,Koli Dhor, Mahadev Koli, Malhar Koli, Donger Koli, Koleha Kolcha, Kolga, Tokre Koli, Kahar, Dhuria Kahar,Godia Kahar,GondKahar,Kirat, Keer, Kewat, Kevat,Kharwar, Khairwar ,Machhendra, Machhawa,Manzi, Gond, Raj Gond, ., Tindel, Palewar, Manzi, Malhar,Nishad

Namsudra, Patni

Jhalo- Malo, Jhalo, Malo, Kaibartta, Jaliya, Namsudra, Patni, Bhoi

Jhalo- Malo, Jhalo, Malo, Kaibartta, Jaliya, Namsudra, Patni, Bhoi

Dewar, Dhewar, Dhivar, Bhoi. Bhovi, Gond, Gondo, Jalia, Jaliya, Jhalo- Malo, Mala, Zala, Kaibartta, Kaibarta Jalia,Keuta, Kewata, Keute, Kevt, Namdas, Namsudra,Kharwar, Khairwar Khirwar, Tiyar, Tiar, Tior, Koli, Malhar.PUNJAB, Dhewar, Jhimar Jhinwar, Jhiwar, Jhir, Jheer, Kahar, Mallah

Dhimar, Dheemar, Dhivar, Bhoi,Gond, Godia, Gariya, Guria, Raj Gond, Kahar, Kewat, Keot, Jhimar Jhinwar, Jhiwar, Jhir, Jheer, Keer, . Mallah,Manhji, Majhi, Majhwar, Riakwar,Koli,Dhor, Tokre Koli,Kolcha, Kolgha,

Jalkaibatta, Kahar,Keot,Namsudra,Patni

Bostha,Bosthar,Narikanthra, Kharvi,Kebber,Kabbera, Meenugara, Manigara, Mukkavar Mukkuvar Mukayar,Parivara, Paravar, Meanevar ( Partharaja, Kulam,Pattanavar, Sembadavar),Siviyar, Siviar

Dhimar, Dheemar, Dhinwar, Dhewar, Kharwar, Khairwar Khirwar, Godia,Gond, Gariya, Guria, Raj Gond, Mallah, Bind, Manhji, Majhi, Majhwar, Jhimar Jhinwar,Jhir, Jheer Jhiwar, Nishad,Kahar, Riakwar,Kewat, Keot, Turah, Turaha,Tureha,Turaiha

Bind, Baidi, Chaia, Chain, Berchain,Duley, Dewar, Dhewar, Dhiver, Gond, Gondo, Gurrhi, Gonti, Jhalo- Malo, Malo, Kaibarta, Jaliya Kaibarta, Kotal, Keuta, Keweta, Keuta, Kevt, Kewet, Keyot, Keot, Kadma, KolaKharwar,Khirwar, Khairwar, Mallah, Meta, Namdas, Namsudra, Patni, Tiyar, Tiar, Tior, Sardia.


NAF is an organization of the people who work for improvement of the fishermen community. Fishermen community numbers millions of Indian population full of cultural value. One of the most famous and well known folk dances/songs from fishermen community is koli dance .

While they know the art of living majority of them are economically and educationally far backward and are struggling to survive even after more than half a century of independence.

They don't understand why and how India is shining, GDP is soaring at historic high and foreign exchange is accumulating to match that of few developed countries. How they are going to be benefited as INDIA being a nuclear power.

They don't understand all these because since ancient times, fishermen lived exclusively in isolated hamlets near the sea shore, river banks, ponds and lakes without any sort of the social contacts with the civilization. As such they are not assimilated in the general social order. Even in villages comprising of other communities, fishermen lived on the outskirts, which others avoid. In the coastal areas, where fishes have to be carried over long-distances to the market, the buses plying, do not stop to allow them to enter the bus with their fish baskets. Apart from cleaning riverbeds and ponds, the fishermen are employed to clean wastes of other communities on ceremonial occasions. They also carry dead bodies, bones, ashes etc. across the rivers. They did not receive fruits of development from the various welfare measures of the Government. In almost all fishermen villages, even primary schools are not there. The percentage of education, according to the socio-economic report of the Government of India, varies from 1 to 2 percent. The average income of the members of this community is very meager. They do not have a square meal and cannot afford clothing to cover their bodies. Marine fishermen, living along the sea coastal area, do not have drinking water, education and communication facilities. Some of these marine fishermen live in boards with their families for want of houses and for this reason they are also called ’sea Tribal'.

NAF is an organization of the people who are willing to do every possible bit towards welfare of this community with kind help and blessing of respective state government and central government representatives. While NAF is determined to work for the community the major deadlocks on the road are insufficient fund and manpower. NAF is always at hunt for these two resources.

Please look at "The Community" section of the website to know list of the communities and sub communities belonging to fishermen umbrella. Your feedback and opinion is very important to NAF, please participate in the NAF's forum and share your views. The events section list the current , upcoming events and few passed events. Shortly NAF will start publishing monthly news letter which will be posted to e-mail's of subscribed members and you can also read them on the website. The directory sections is listing the people willing to work together with with NAF sorted by their profession and region. The service section will be listing the services which people are willing to provide to the community which includes but not limited to educational help, carrier guidance, legal advice and medical assistance.

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